Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Coaches for 2018

Section Coach Assistant / Helper
Seniors Donna Michetti  Caitlin Michetti
Intermediates Donna Michetti Melissa
Juniors  Donna Michetti/ Jess McGuigan  Jackie/ Amanda/Melissa
Sub-Juniors Donna Michetti  Jackie/Amanda/Brooke
Tinies Caitlin Michetti  Caitlin/Sarah/Amanda

Donna Michetti

Principal Coach

I have been involved in calisthenics since I was 15 months old, starting at Albion Calisthenics Club. I was a member of Albion for 30 years, competing from Tinies through to Seniors. In that time I was awarded the prestigious award of Club Girl and also given Life Membership. I also became Assistant with the younger groups and then realised my passion to develop and extend my experience through younger pupils and quickly developed my own skills to become a calisthenics coach.

In 1999 an opportunity arose at Altona and I became coach of the Tinies, Sub Juniors and Junior sections. Many children were taught calisthenics who had never been introduced to the sport, and in the early years we shred outstanding success as individuals and also receiving many team awards along the way. As a coach you always dream of being the holder of a “State Team Championship” or competition aggregate winners and this happened on several occasions. The biggest joy is seeing the smiles on everyone’s face as the team “come together” and perform on stage to the very best of their ability, knowing that you have taught them the skills required to perform their routines.

In 2006 I became coach of the Seniors and my passion for the sport was extended to another level. By 2008 I was coach of all sections from Tinies to Seniors and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have also been recognised by Altona and awarded Life Membership of this club.

Calisthenics is a passion and has been part of my life for over 40 years. I continue to extend my knowledge and skills to pass on to all of our pupils in hope that one day my dream will become someone else’s. Calisthenics provides many lasting friendships and I am very happy to have had it as part of my life.